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Who am I you ask; well, I'm a YouTuber and model, like many people in this world. But I didn't start out that way. My work life began on stage as a theatre actor, at the age of seven. From there I went onto film and tv; and eventually on to YouTube and other digital streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix; and so on...

I have an alter-ego which some of you might know of; he's an IMDB credited, award winning filmmaker(whom ill be talking about more and more). Then there's me, Brendon is someone who likes to entertain and educate. 

As I've grown older, my feelings towards freedom have become stronger(mind you also for the fact I was born in Europe), so with the advent of YouTube, it's enabled me to share my thoughts. It's been emotionally fulfilling for me to see people get comfort in my videos because it makes them know They Are Not Alone. I get it, because I've felt the same when I struggled with depression and my sexuality.


I now give back in that way by talking about my personal life, work, modelling, sex education(apart of that, of course only works when i am also willing to share my experiences in sex, i cant be a hypocrite after all), mental health, "freedom" of expression, physical health.

I hope you're entertained and maybe even feel a little love and remember that: You're Not Alone.

And don't worry, as I always say, I've got:

"Loads More to Come"©TM

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