Brendon Knox



If you are interested in Hiring me as a model or Collaborating please send my manager David and myself an email(, or you may contact me on my social media( but please make your heading and or first line "HIRING" so we can see that it's not spam/scam; after that we will make the next steps to connecting over phone and video chat and in-person.


Fan Mail/Gifts are always welcomed; and I do appreciate them(and I will respond publicly thanking you, so please include your social media if you'd like a shoutout); you can also post publicly if you'd like on


2055 Commercial Drive - 369

Vancouver, BC

V5N 0C7


If you'd like to connect with me directly and personally; please text me on this secure line.  As I do not use social media for chit chat, it's more for work so I rarely make conversations on there; but for hard-knox fans send me a text and I WILL respond.

1 251 277-5955

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Book me for a shoot by contacting David Vine

All models were 18 years of age or older at the time of filming.

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