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What payment options do you accept? Are all my transactions secure?

All major Credit Cards are accepted, through services provided by PayPal and Strip.


I forgot my password and/or username. How do I retrieve my login information?

Your account will have to be reset, please contact:

How do I cancel or edit my membership with

Scroll to the bottom of the homepage where you will find a l

I'm a member but I cannot login.

Make sure you are tying your email and password correctly, and or are logging in with the correct social media account, ie: Facebook or Google.  If you continue to have trouble please contact:


Does Brendon offer escort services? 

No I do not, if you wish to hire me you are doing so as a model to shoot videos or photography with.

Does Brendon offer Skype shows?

Yes, please see the Store for information


Why is your mobile version not good?

I do not currently have a mobile version, what you are seeing is the desktop version.  A mobile version is being worked on.

I sent you an email, when will I hear back?

We receive hundreds of messages per day, but usually you can expect a response within seven days depending on the context of your message, customer support is usually answered within two business days.

I sent in a model or crew submission and haven't received a reply yet. Does this mean I'm not what you are looking for?

We receive submissions and put them on file for when we have a project that we feel suits you.

How can I get Brendon to visit me or make an appearance at an event?

You would have to hire me as a model to do a shoot, or for an appearance at a business such as a club.  If you would like to hire me for either a shoot or to make an appearance at an event; you may contact David yourself, or mention your interest in having me visit, to your local bar or club or event Manager and direct them to contact David, and make sure to mention to the event that you referred me, so that I can bring you along to the events with me as my guest for the referral.  

Does Brendon answer my emails personally?

Emails are for business purposes mainly; but at times he will answer emails-just look for the signature at the bottom of each email to see who sent them. The best is to communicate with Brendon through his SOCIAL MEDIA, on timelines/feeds, or to become a member here and post in the UNCENSORED CHATS.

If there are any questions you have that were not answered above please contact us HERE.

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