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message from founder Brendon Knox:

I've worked as a model and actor, and producer in the main stream industry.

And now returning to the adult world, I'm now expanding to do more than just

modeling.  I'm now going to use my award wining skills from the main stream

world to produce adult short films with Knoxxx.  Here you will see videos and

pics for my projects, and a space to donate to help it along-wink wink ;).  Or

even if you want to meet one of our models-you can get to us here. Our project

will be fully scripted; not just look pretty(hopefully).  The goal is have some

acting talents-as what we all want: is James Bond with a fuck scene; not love.

That's what we are striving for, a story, with acting merit.  So this site will not

be your straight forward bombardment of nude images of fucking and sucking;

as you see...  It's more, styled after artists websites.  I hope you find something

you like.  check out our projects below; mostly gay themed but I am looking to

shoot other sub genres as well.  Thanks.

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